30.09.2013 12:49 Age: 6 yrs

Roller Shutter Systems - Opening space with creativity

Doellken's Roller Shutter Systems that come ready to fit are designed for wherever optimum use of surface area and space is a major requirement. At the same time, as a design element they are the perfect alternative to traditional swing doors on office, kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture.



Essential advantages of our Roller Shutter systems:


- Impressive Style at reasonable cost

- Ultimate space saver, very efficient use of limited areas, make the most of it!

- Exceptional Quality; Great designs, Very highly abrasion & scratch resistant

- Environmentally responsible; all materials conform to best environmental standards

- Simple to install

- Many applications in both horizontal and vertical situations

- Used widely in kitchen/shop-fitting/commercial furniture/display sectors

- Offers many advantages over other door options – curves, straights, corners

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