Complete Commitment to Sustainability

Surteco manufactures edgebanding in Australia only from "Eco-Friendly" ABS co-polymers. We ceased manufacturing edgebanding in PVC in 2003 as it did not conform to the strict environmental requirements that ABS does.

Environmental Features of ABS

  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic.
  • Food grade material. Suitable for use in hygienic areas such as hospitals and children's furniture.
  • Safe to dispose and burn. No dangerous chemicals emitted.
  • No leaching of components over time.
  • Completely recyclable.
  • ABS Edging is VOC (volatile organic compounds) free.

Production and In-House Processes

  • All systems are designed to ensure minimum waste and impact on the environment.
  • All ABS is 99.9% recycled. 95% is recycled and reused internally. The balance is sold for further recycling.
  • Over 95% of paper and board waste is compacted for recycling.
  • Any solvent residues are collected.
  • All water used within production is continuously recycled.
  • Electrical power is constantly monitored and controlled for minimum use.
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