There is a huge choice of Surteco ABS edgebanding. The extremely accurate Surteco print technology means that a multitude of decorative patterns can be perfectly applied to the edgebanding. This is underlined by that fact that there are 25,000 ready-prepared finishes available internationally. On the one hand, colours and decorative finishes are meticulously matched to the surface effects of leading board manufacturers' product ranges. On the other, Surteco offers a vast selection of edgebanding in highly individual designs for contrasts and special decorative effects.

Solid Colour

There is a huge choice of solid coloured edgebanding. All shades are characterised by their striking brilliance of colour.

Wood finish

All wood finishes impress with their very natural appearance. As Surteco has an advanced co-extrusion technology, Surteco edgebanding can also be given a through grain effect. In other words - the woodgrain pattern is retained even on milled radii.


A classic amongst contrasting edgebanding: The Multiplex selection covers the well-known traditional ply-wood effects, as well as modern versions, such as combinations with Metallic.


Fantasy knows no bounds in the creation of unusual designs. Unusual print patterns can also be transferred to the edgebanding to create a special decorative effect.


Cool edgebanding design with a metallic effect: from aluminium to stainless steel, from matt to brushed, from smooth to ripple-effect, from satin to high gloss - the choice is as extensive as the ranges of boards that they fit.

Stone effect

Surteco has mastered the technique of printing complex stone effect finishes and has perfected this over the years.

High Gloss ABS

With new German technology, we are now able to produce super High Gloss versions of our ABS here in Australia! With a Gloss level 5, this edgebanding is the perfect match for modern glossy boards.

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