Classic 3D edgebanding is extruded with a smooth surface. However, the 3D edgebanding can be given a wide variety of different embossed surfaces or textures. These give the edgebanding a particularly individual and eye-catching look with an unmistakable feel to the touch.

3D Embossed

3D Embossing is a very recent innovation with optical embossed effect applied to the rear of the edgebanding. The Döllken development engineers have designed various embossed surfaces based on trends discernible in a wide variety of fields in interior design resulting in stunning effects which make the edgebanding a design feature of furniture.

3D Structured

This undulating surface gives the 3D edgebanding its well known wave effect, but with a "double" 3D effect: On the one hand, the decorative pattern acquires its well known spatial effect as a result of the transparent material, on the other, it is the special shape itself which further amplifies it.

3D Frosted

Look and feel: A special manufacturing process gives the edgebanding its satinised surface. This is why 3D-Frosted looks and feels like milk glass. And this is what brought it the ZOW 2004 prize for innovation!

3D Glass Effect

3D Edgebanding in general can be buffed to a very high gloss.

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