Profiles to your requirement

For decades Surteco have been producing technical profiles for customers’ individual design needs and have developed wide-ranging expertise.

  • in nearly every specification type
  • in many visual finishes – coloured, transparent or printed
  • in a variety of plastic types including PVC, Polyethylene and ABS
  • in co-extruded form combining rigid and flexible thermoplastics in the one profile

Competence and Quality to your requirements

Surteco tooling is designed and manufactured to be ‘compound-specific’ to achieve the best possible extrusion results.

  • high developed production plant
  • highly experienced operators
  • own raw material preparation
  • detailed 3D CAD-design
  • in-house tool manufacturing
  • now-how in Co- and hollow extrusion
  • experience with extrusions of differing grade, hardness and colour
  • profiles as single-, twin- or multiple strand
  • comprehensive quality assurance

Service to your requirements

During the procedure of developing ideas through to the approval process and actually producing the individual profiles, our customers are supported by well-trained Surteco Staff, who can advise on:

  • correct profile construction
  • choice of the right plastic
  • optical profile consistence
  • optimal fabrication
  • synchronizing with other marrying component parts

Furthermore our customers gain from:

  • clear lines of communication via phone, email, etc
  • direct advice from tooling and fabrication staff
  • efficient and reliable delivery
  • very high competence in logistics
  • years of experience and knowledge
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