Manufacturing Process

Surteco offers different methods of extruding profiles from its Sydney production plant which makes it easy to produce nearly every kind of profile, depending on applications and requirement.

Hollow Extrusion

Surteco is experienced in producing special profiles which have one or more cavities inside and are stabilised by webs. To keep the form while cooling down, cavities and webs are supported by cores, special cooling calibration and vacuum systems.


Co-extrusion means producing profiles using multiple material types in a single extrusion. This is achieved through the use of custom-made tooling designed and manufactured in-house by Surteco tooling specialists.
Examples include a refrigeration seal, which might feature the combination of both a flexible and a rigid plastic for a specialised application.
Also, combinations of multiple colours can be extruded jointly to produce great effect e.g. shop fitting, display work etc.

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