Solid coloured smooth, woodgrain lacquered, metallic high polished... whatever you want!

Decor Paper


Decorative papers from SURTECO DECOR are used as a material to provide decorative style when refining wood-based materials for the furniture and flooring industry, and in interior design. Creative wood, stone and fantasy decors are developed in cooperation with Saueressig Design Studio and the Group's own atelier SUEDDEKOR Art.

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Finish Foils


The paper-based finish foils from BauschLinnemann and SURTECO DECOR make full use of innovative design and natural haptic properties to provide an appealing furniture surface with outstanding technical characteristics.


Gislaved has suitable plastic foils in its range for particularly demanding furniture surfaces, for further processing to create hardwearing carpets and for many industrial applications.


The home pages present an impressive selection of decorative designs, qualities and areas of application.




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