For every need the right material

Depending on what you are going to do with your foil, Surteco is able to offer you the right material:
You can choose between a special single-layer, bleached paper which is made of regenerative wood, multiple-layered paper which is similar to a laminate or real synthetic laminate which is highly durable in wear and tear.

TecoFoil - the special paper finish foils

TecoFoil P

TecoFoil is an universal heavy-duty foil supplied in rolls with a surface finish for coating flat wooden surfaces in the furniture industry, in interior finishing and in similar areas.

TecoFoil V

TecoFoil V is a flexible foil supplied in rolls with a surface finish. Made from pre-impregnated specially-formulated papers.
TecoFoil V can be ideally used both for surface applications and for wrapping.

TecoFoil S

TecoFoil S is an excellent wrapping foil with a surface finish. The high flexibility makes TecoFoil S the ideal material for profile and panel wrapping as well as partially suitable for 3-dimensional wrapping.

TecoFoil B / G

TecoFoil B / G are endless foils supplied in rolls without a surface finish, made from especially formulated papers.
The white priming foil, TecoFoil B, is the ideal base for high-quality dull-mat lacquer.
TecoFoil G is a brown balancing foil which prevents bending of the substrate in the case of one-sided finish foils or veneer coating or serves as a barrier for non-visible surfaces.

TecoFoil T

TecoFoil T is a flexible door frame foil with a particularly elegant surface finish. A distinctive feature of TECOFOIL T is the especially smooth look of the surface.

PVC Membrane Pressing Foil - very durable in wear and tear

PVC sheet in solid colours or printed with wood or fantasy patterns, suitable for thermoforming on MDF with membrane or vacuum press for the production of shutters, doors and furniture parts.

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